The first time I saw the teaser trailer for this movie I got pretty excited.  Beauty and The Beast was my favorite Disney movie as a child so the opportunity to see a live action adaptation of it had me stoked.  With any adaptation however, there’s always the possibility that it could be a huge flop so I tried not to get my expectations too high.

Beauty and The Beast Movie Review


If you’ve watched the animation then you pretty much know what’s going to happen in this movie.  The story stays pretty true to the original but adds a few nice little touches.  As per a lot of Disney fairy tales, the movie centers around a girl named Belle (Emma Watson), and her life in a small town that isn’t quite big enough for her ambitions.  Her life gets turned upside down when her father goes missing and she stumbles upon an enchanted castle.

I was a little worried that already knowing the story might make the movie less entertaining but that was far from the case.  The movie was familiar but new at the same time, and that is probably half the fun of the movie.

Story – 8/10


It always surprises me just how many actors/actresses seem to be able to sing.  Lot’s of hours of practice and coaching goes into it I’m sure but it still is impressive.  I know that no amount of coaching or practice would ever make my voice even slightly tolerable on-screen so it always impresses me how much effort actors/actresses put into their roles.

The acting for Beauty and The Beast really helped bring the characters to life.  Emma Watson did a great job of portraying the strong-willed and feisty Belle.  Her songs were well sung too, standing up to the original if not sounding better.  Dan Stevens did a solid job bringing the beast to life.  However I think Josh Gad as LeFou and Luke Evans as Gaston almost stole the show away.  The scenes with them in it were just plain fun.  They managed to keep the energy of the characters without being too cheesy or over the top.

There was a lot of voice acting as the film was largely CG.  I think he entire cast nailed the voices of all the characters.  Truly excellent work from all the seasoned actors and actresses that played supporting roles.

Acting – 9/10


Although the movie was largely done with computer visuals, all scenes flowed seamlessly from one to the other.  The CG was so well done that a lot of the times you forget it’s computer generated.  The dark lighting throughout most of the castle scenes definitely helped keep things looking realistic.

Aside from the computer visuals the sets and costumes were brilliant.  The world that beauty in the beast was set in really came to life.  In that sense it was even more elaborate than the cartoon.  The details given to the character designs, wardrobes and sets were all top-notch.

Visuals – 10/10


The beauty and the beast soundtrack in by far my favorite of all the Disney movies to this day.  Not only does the soundtrack have great unforgettable songs, but it also has a great score to accompany the story.  There were a couple new songs added in this version but the most memorable ones were still the classics.  “Be Our Guest”, “Gaston” and “Tale As Old As Time” were all masterfully performed.

The soundtrack is probably better than the original in terms of quality and sound.  It has been a long time since the animated movie came out so that is to be expected.  I don’t think anyone coming into the movie will be disappointed with the soundtrack and songs.

Soundtrack – 10/10


Memorable songs, classic love story, comedy and action all rolled into a beautifully crafted well made movie.  I don’t think there was anything lacking from this live action adaptation that could have made it any better.  If you we’re a fan of the original, go see this movie, you won’t be disappointed.  If you’ve never seen the original, you’ll be a fan after you’ve seen it.  Overall the movie exceeded my expectations while being nostalgic and new at the same time.  Go see it for yourselves, I highly recommend it!

Overall – 9/10

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