Here are a few links that you might find interesting if you like the content on this blog.  

My Other Blog

Finding Balance:  My first blog, no new content but worth a visit for some of the older content.

For Writers

Susan Dennard – Writing tips and resources

Writing Excuses – Writing Podcast

T.S. Bazelli – Writing blog and resources

Making Comics

Comicbook Collabs – A Reddit page with tons of resources and a great place to connect with creators

Zub Tales – Comic creator page with lots of helpful tutorials on making comics.

Creators Resource – For some helpful comic book freelance tools and resources

Platform Comics – Some great podcasts and tutorials on making comics

Blogs I Currently Read & Recommend

Just A Girl:  Follow Just A Girl on her journey through addiction and recovery.  A blog to inspire, educate and advocate mental health awareness.  Honest storytelling at it’s best.  Follow her as she takes you through her journey in Wonderland.

Southern Gerogia Bunny:  A blog I stumbled upon a while back.  If you like dating stories then this site is for you.  Follow the adventures of a Southern Bunny.  Everything from dates from hell, hot & steamy moments, road trip adventures, outfit issues and Oh my god, what the F*K was I thinking moments.

What Abbie Says: One of the first bloggers I connected with over a love for food.  A food and lifestyle blogger and an overall awesome person.  Check out her blog for recipes, food recommendations, DIY projects and more.

The Style of Laura Jane:  A blog that focuses on various issues relating to young women.  However the topics are relevant to probably anyone who might wander to the blog, such as myself.  Laura is a talented writer who’s not afraid to touch on topics or share her opinion on things that might be overlooked in regular media.