Here are a few links that you might find interesting if you like the content on this blog.  If I’m affiliated with any of the links I’ll be sure to put them in the description.

My Other Blogs

Finding Balance:  My first blog, no new content but worth a visit for some of the older content.

Writing Sites

T.S. Bazelli: If you’re an aspiring writer there’s a lot of good information on this site all done in an entertaining an easily readable fashion.  The blogger/writer is also related to me, so be sure to check it out.

Blogs I Currently Read & Recommend

Just A Girl:  Follow Just A Girl on her journey through addiction and recovery.  A blog to inspire, educate and advocate mental health awareness.  Honest storytelling at it’s best.  Follow her as she takes you through her journey in Wonderland.

Southern Gerogia Bunny:  A blog I stumbled upon a while back.  If you like dating stories then this site is for you.  Follow the adventures of a Southern Bunny.  Everything from dates from hell, hot & steamy moments, road trip adventures, outfit issues and Oh my god, what the F*K was I thinking moments.

The Polymath Ideal:  A blog I enjoy probably because I feel it’s similar to my own.  Various topics including meta-learning, productivity hacks, health and much more.  For the forever student’s of learning, this blog is for you.

What Abbie Says: One of the first bloggers I connected with over a love for food.  A food and lifestyle blogger and an overall awesome person.  Check out her blog for recipes, food recommendations, DIY projects and more.

Forever Yung: Stumbled upon this blog as I was looking for ideas to furnish my apartment.  Great stuff on design, minimalism to name a few things.  A Lifestyle and travel blog worth checking out.

Broke Today Rich Tomorrow:  If you’re a student and into personal finance then you’ll want to check this site out.  Corinne is passionate about sharing her journey as a student dealing with the ups and downs of going to school while saving for the future.  Her tagline sums her blog up pretty well.  “Being broke is temporary, Being Rich is a Journey”

The Style of Laura Jane:  A blog that focuses on various issues relating to young women.  However the topics are relevant to probably anyone who might wander to the blog, such as myself.  Laura is a talented writer who’s not afraid to touch on topics or share her opinion on things that might be overlooked in regular media.

FinanciaLion: If I were to have a finance blog I would want it to look something like Ryan’s FinaciaLion blog.  He’s a designated accountant like myself and also a fitness enthusiast.  If that’s not enough for you go check out his blog for some solid financial tips to help you achieve your financial goals.

For The Creative Minded


Strawzine:  I absolutely love what these guys and gals are about.  Just read their “who we are and  what we do” in their about section and you’ll see what I mean.  A magazine for creatives of all backgrounds, fostering an inclusive community for all people passionate about what they do.  Really check them out you won’t regret it!