Hello!  If you’re here then I’m guessing you want to know a little bit more about me so let’s get to it.

My name’s Paolo and I’m the owner of this little website.  For most of my day you’ll find me crunching numbers at my desk job but for me that’s just work.  Aside from work you can find my in the gym, writing, taking pictures, out hiking,  or head buried in a book.

Other than above I’m also a little bit of a foodie, movie lover, life learner, and the worlds 3rd sexiest man alive.  Ok…one of the previous may be a bit of lie, but which one? Which one indeed.  Anyways…

Interested to know a little bit more?  Check out my story so far where I go into some more details about myself.

Now that you know bit about me, lets talk blog!


Goals and dreams, we all have them, but we sometimes fall a little short of reaching them.  Some consider this failing, but I believe that it is in the pursuit of our goals and dreams wherein the magic in life really happens.

I truly believe that it’s never really about reaching that final goal or destination, but rather about finding yourself in the pursuit of what you do.

This site is a peak into my own pursuits as I chronicle the struggles, the epiphany’s, the failures and successes I come across along the way.  It has changed and evolved over the years that I’ve had it and right now I’m using it more as just my creative space.

This blog is made purely out of a passion to create.  What am I creating exactly? I honestly can’t quite say at the moment.  I do know however, that doing something you love will almost always lead you to where you want to be.  Just remember to keep moving forward.


Now that you’re here I invite you to have a look around and stay as little or long as you like. I really do hope that you’ll find something valuable (or at least LOL entertaining) in your time here.

That’s it for now.  I really do appreciate you for taking the time to visit and explore my site.  One last note.  I absolutely love hearing about other peoples stories as I think we all have a story worth telling.  Please don’t be shy and do get in touch!

Happy Pursuits,




Updated: August 2018






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