Hello there! If you’re reading this then you’ve managed to stumble across my little corner of the interweb.  You probably don’t know much about me so let’s start with some introductions.


My name’s Paolo and I’m an aspiring writer, newbie blogger and fitness enthusiast.  I hope to update the previous line to published author, wellness coach and seasoned blogger in the not so distant future.

As a fitness enthusiast I love to share whatever knowledge I have to help everyday people, like yourself perhaps, the ones who work the 9-5, the moms, the dads, the skinny kid looking to build muscle or the ex-athlete looking to get back into shape, gain the knowledge, motivation and belief they need to reach their goals.

As an aspiring writer and newbie blogger, I plan to use this site to share some of my  ups and downs, wrong turns, right turns and any and all experiences in between.  Hopefully these experiences may somehow help others along in their own journey through life.

Other than above I’m also a foodie, movie lover, life learner, and the worlds 3rd sexiest man alive.  Ok…one of the previous may be a bit of lie, but which one? Which one indeed.  Anyways…

Interested to know a little bit more?  Check out my story so far where I go into some of the little nitty gritty details about myself.

Now that you know a tiny bit about me, lets talk blog!


Goals and dreams, we all have them, but we sometimes fall a little short of reaching them.  Some consider this failing, but I believe that it is in the pursuit of our goals and dreams wherein the magic in life really happens.

I truly believe that it’s never really about reaching that final goal or destination, but rather about finding yourself in the pursuit of what you do.

This site is a peak into my own pursuits as I chronicle the struggles, the epiphany’s, the failures and successes I come across along the way.  Along with writing about my daily endeavors, I also plan to write about things that interest me.  What things you might ask? Well really anything from thoughts on movies, my favorite recipes, books I recommend, to what I thought about as I took the bus home from work.

It took me a while to think about what I wanted to put on this blog, but in the end I didn’t want to restrict myself.  This is one site where I wanted free range to write about mostly anything.  In the end I’m very happy with my decision to make this a personal blog without limiting my content to a few categories.  A blog about anything?! Are you crazy? That will never work! I know, I know..  all the tips out there say having a general multi topic blog is inferior to a niche blog, but since I’m not planning on monetizing this site I think its perfectly ok.  Things change though so who knows where I may go with this blog, and that’s exciting to me!

This blog is made purely out of a passion to create.  What am I creating exactly? I honestly can’t quite say at the moment.  I do know however, that doing something you love will almost always lead you to where you want to be.  Just remember to keep moving forward.

Although this is my personal blog, I promise to always keep my readers in mind. If there is anything you want to see on here do let me know and I’d be more than happy to try and fulfill any requests.


Now that you’re here I invite you to have a look around and stay as little or long as you like. I really do hope that you’ll find something valuable (or at least LOL entertaining) in your time here.

Guess that’s it for now! I really do appreciate you all for taking the time to visit and explore my site.  One last note.  I absolutely love hearing about other peoples stories as I think we all have a story worth telling.  Please don’t be shy and do get in touch!

Happy Pursuits,








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