Platform Comics held a competition recently, their 10k challenge. The challenge was to make a 4-8 page comic in 10k minutes (7 days). If that wasn’t challenging enough each team was assigned a unique theme to incorporate into the comic. Lastly, every team had to use the line “Maybe they should self-quarantine” in their story as well. Not an easy task by any means but decided to give it a go. The comic our team entered didn’t make the final cut but we’re still proud of what we were able to put together. So here’s our short comic based on the theme “Murder At The Country Club”.  (Rated M)

Downloadable Link: Murder At The Country Club Short Comic_compressed

Murder At The Country Club Comic

Murder At The Country Club Comic

Murder At The Country Club Comic

Murder At The Country Club Comic

Closing Thoughts

If you enjoyed the art you can find more work from Sebastian on her website or Instagram. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very timely, helpful and really brought a lot to the project. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an artist and like her work.

This was the first comic I’ve taken to completion and I learned a ton just by doing it. I had a tough time fitting the theme and dialog together into a cohesive storyline and the pressure of writing the story in a day was something I wasn’t used to. Nonetheless, it was a great experience. I did go back and make some slight edits afterward including a title change and some dialog tweaks. You can find that edited version for download here: Mistakes – Short Comic_compressed.

Finalists and winners of Platform Comics competitions are added to their free anthologies which you can view and download for free on their website. My personal favorite was “My Sweet Lord”, an excellent example of a short comic done to perfection.

One mini-comic complete! Hopefully the first of many.

Till next time!




Any constructive criticism always welcomed. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I thought it was awesome! The moment I saw the girl at the bar, I knew where it was heading but I still enjoyed it immensely. Great work with the story and the drawings!
    Keep it up!

    • Paolo Reply

      Glad you liked it! And appreciate the support as always! 🙏

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