I originally posted the flash fiction version of this story on  my Instagram a little while ago but wanted to add a little more depth to the story so here we are.  I also wanted to start collaborating with other creators and artists so this is my first collab in that regard.  This time I worked with @salsawater ; a talented artist, creator and photographer.  The photos you see here are hers, curated and selected by her for the story.  More on the collaboration and my thoughts about it at the end of the post so please do read it!  For now the story: Twilight’s End

photo cred: @Salsawater

Part 1:

There was not a soul in sight in these barren wastelands.  Abandoned a long time ago, not many people walked these parts anymore.  Nothing left behind but faded memories and useless mementos from a time long ago.

The perfect place to go to forget, or be forgotten.

Sam had been on Royce’s trail for days.  She was close.  A normal person would have given up by now but Sam had vengeance on her mind and revenge in her heart.  There was no turning back now.

Just a little further she thought to herself.  Her mind wandered for a moment and she thought about Royce, the better times..good times..

No no no! It was all a lie…. Sam cursed.  Her heart and mind had been in constant flux ever since she discovered the truth.

There was a small clearing up ahead.  Sam stepped out of the tree cover and looked up at the sky from the edge of the clearing.  The glow of the setting sun filled the sky, maybe she should stop and rest for the night she thought, but just as she took a step she heard something in the distance.  A ruffle at the end of the clearing ahead of her and the faint sound of footsteps picking up pace.

She had finally caught up to him.  Royce was finally in her sights.

Sam dropped her sack and started sprinting.

photo cred: @Salsawater

Part 2:

“I’m… done….” said Royce as he gasped for air.  “I’m surprised it took you this long to catch up to me actually, thought I might actually get away.” Royce joked halfheartedly.

Sam knew that if she could get Royce in her sights it was over.  She had always been the faster of the two.  They slowed to a walk as they made it out of the woods and down to the nearby river, both barely moving exhausted from the chase.

“We met on a night just like this, ironic isn’t it?” Royce said reminiscently. “Such a beautiful night” replied Sam, beads of sweat dripping down her cheeks.

“You’ve always loved the twilight hey Sam.”

“It’s the beginning and the end. Darkness and light. Hope and despair, all at the same time.” Sam replied.

“Hah” Royce laughed. “Guess that’s why things ended up like this..”

The two walked in silence, soaking in the colors and beauty of the dimly lit sky.

photo cred: @Salsawater

Part 3:

“Here’s good” Royce said as he dropped down to his knees exhausted.
“It wasn’t all a charade..it was real, what we had..I really did lo…”,

“Don’t you dare say that now” snapped Sam. “Not now…”

Sam slid her gun out of her holster, beads of sweat dripping down her face mixed now with tears.

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry..for everything” said Royce.

He killed too many, betrayed them all, vengeance was the only choice. Or at least that was what she tried to convince herself.

“I loved you..” Sam whispered to herself..

As the last embers of light faded slowly into darkness, Sam knew what she had to do.

She steadied her hands, and firmed her aim to the back of Royce’s head.

photo cred: @Salsawater




As mentioned earlier this was my first attempt to do a little creative collaboration with one of my stories.  I asked @Salsawater  to read the story and see if she had anything she thought would fit the story and she came back to me with 3 photos from her collection that she thought would work well.

I thought she nailed the feel and mood of the story right on the button.  The photos are all film photography (a rarity these days) and I think it helped add a nice retro, vintage touch which really fit with some of the themes in the story.  I edited the photos slightly in Photoshop to give it an old vintage film look like a photograph you’d find in old shoe box.

If you loved the photos and are interested in more of @Salsawater ‘s work be sure to show some luv and check out her work!

I’ll be looking to do more collaborations in the future so if you think there’s something you might want to do be sure to let me know and let’s try and create.  I think that it’s a good way to challenge yourself as a creative and find more ways to express your medium or expand it.  Also a great way to meet and feature people whose creative work you enjoy.



What did you think of the story?  Did Sam really pull the trigger or did she have a last minute change of heart and let Royce go?



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  1. Maria | www.myselfwise.com Reply

    Very cool story! Congrats on your collaboration! I have little to no imagination but it seems to me that she didn’t pull the trigger in the end.

    • Paolo Reply

      Thank you Maria! It was a fun collab. Haha I’m sure you have more imagination than you give yourself credit for and I think I’m leaning to your feeling as to pulling the trigger too 🙂

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  3. What did I think of the story? I think it’s a cliff hanger! Is there going to be a part 2? I hope Sam didn’t really pull the trigger. The photos do work really well with the text! Nice collaboration!

    • Paolo Reply

      I hope Sam didn’t either. No part 2 yet but we’ll see maybe in the future! Glad you enjoyed it Cynthia! It was a fun collab 😄

    • Paolo Reply

      Thanks glad you liked it! I might develop it further. Haha I know right? I’m focusing on writing comics right now actually. It’s been a longgg year. Should get a blog post or two up soon though!

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