We made it!  Maybe just barely, but the important thing is that we here.  2018, new year fresh start.  I know we’re already a couple of weeks into the new year so this post is longgg overdue at best.  Seems like that’s been the trend for me so far this year as I could not wake up for the life of me on my first day back to workk from the holiday’s.  Strolled in over an hour late…whoopsies I swear that’s never happened before.  Better late than never though right?  Words to live by.

I always say you need to know where you’ve been before you can get to where you’re going so here’s me looking back to 2017 before stepping forward into the new year.


What a year.  It seems like it pretty much passed at the blink of the eye, so where do I even begin?  If I could use one word to describe the year it would have to be CHANGE.  Lot’s of changes.  For better or worse, but mostly for better.



I had some pretty big goals for myself in 2017. This was the year I was supposed to finally get to that fit bod.  You know what I’m talking about.  That fit bod, the one you always imagine yourself looking like when you glance in the mirror looking all good and stuff.  Keep it right keep it tight, you know that bod?

Well it didn’t happen.  At least not in the way I wanted.  My weight fluctuated from “This ain’t bad” to “I think I see abs!” to “these pants always been this tight??”  Must be because I gained a whole bunch of muscle though right?  Year end measurements were depressing to say the least.  Other than a few symmetrical improvements none of my benchmarks  measures increased the way I had planned.  The only measurement that went up noticeably was my waist…damn…

Measurements aren’t always the best indicator of progress though.  I felt like my workout programs were good and I never missed a week so can’t say the effort wasn’t there.   It was probably the other factors like diet and sleep, 2 things that unfortunately got derailed a bit during the last quarter of the year.

As for the mental aspect I don’t think it got better or worse.  I’m usually able to keep a pretty good mindset most of the time but I did notice a bit more swings in the later half of the year.  Could have been due to the dark weather and constant rain, less sleep and diet though.

Wellness to me is made up of the mind, body and spirit.  It can be a tough balancing act to try and keep them all on the right track.


This year the goal is to try to fix what I did wrong last year.  In particular get the diet and sleep in check.  Hopefully by doing that and training correctly I can put on a healthy 10 lbs without increasing my pant size too much.

I know having a goal to gain weight might sound like fun but trust me it’s not what you might think.   It will consist of eating copious amounts of chicken, vegetables and brown rice, day after day after day…. I’ll be sure to try and put a full day of eating on my Instagram  story one day so if you’re interested at all about that kind of stuff be sure to check it out there.

Another part of wellness that I want to try and improve upon is to exercise my mind more through things like meditation.  I tried an exercise late last year where I attempted to meditate for just 5 minutes and think of nothing.   That simple task was painstakingly hard believe it or not.

More mindful meditation and mind exercises I think will do wonders for the mental health.  I think taking time to calm the mind is more important now more than ever in a society where the brain is constantly being bombarded with constant stimulation.



Definitely a year of learning new things.  I had originally planned to branch off and do other niche blogs but considering the time it takes to just maintain this one those plans were tossed out the window fast.

After some contemplation I finally took the plunge and added a twitter and Instagram account.  It’s been quite the learning experience to say the least.

I think the latter quarter of the year I spent more time engaging with other bloggers on social media platforms than actually blogging.

The thing I learned is that keeping up with social media on top of blogging can be a little exhausting.  Upside is I’ve met some absolutely fantastic people who I would never have met otherwise so it is well worth it.  The traffic to my blog has also improved slightly which is awesome.  Correlation? Perhaps.

As far as actual writing goes I was really disappointed that I didn’t spend much time on it.  Something I definitely want to improve upon this coming year.

One thing I also finally did was get a new camera!  My previous camera was a tiny 2008 Canon Powershot SD1100IS ELPH point and shoot.  It served me well but it was time for a long overdue upgrade.

The new camera is a Olympus OM-D EM10 Mark II and I’m loving it so far.  It’s still an entry-level mirrorless camera but for now it should suite all my photography needs.



There are a few things I want to improve on the blog this coming year.  First of all I want to try and keep a more personal feel to the blog.  It is basically a personal/lifestyle blog so I want to try and keep that vibe as much as possible.

I also wanted to update my layout a bit.  Not quite satisfied with how it looks, but are we ever?  That’s also where the new camera comes into play.  After I figure out how to use it and learn photography a bit I may just have a good photo on here one of these days 🙂

Lastly I want to try to improve my engagement and connections across the blog and social platforms.  Like I mentioned before I’ve met some great people through this blog already and hope to continue that in the new year.

As far as writing goes the goal is to submit 3 short stories to publications.  Not a lot, but it’s a start.



Got the new job position that I really wanted.  Yay me!  Something about getting a thing you really want just feels so satisfying.  I really wanted this position so it felt really good to get it after all the jobs I failed to land in the past.


Not quite sure what my next move will be.  I could stay in this position indefinitely and be ok for the rest of my career.  Only time will tell if that stays the case.  I work to live so almost all my ambitions fall outside of work.  My job flexibility is perfect for that currently so if it aint broke don’t fix it right?



Lot’s of big changes this year, 2 noteworthy ones to be exact.  First of all I finally saved enough to buy a condo.  Whoop Whoop!  Only took 8 years of saving so yeah, no big deal.  Going through the process was pretty hectic but fun at the same time.  It took months of looking at places every day, going to open houses, and making a few offers before finally landing a place.  It’s a decent enough little place, not perfect or a dream home by any means but perfect for right now.

Secondly my girlfriend moved back to the city after being in NYC for the last 2 years.  Yayy! That coupled with making updates to the condo and the holidays pretty much make the last quarter of 2017 a big blurr.  Sometimes life get’s busy, it’s just how it goes.


For the first time in the last 4 months I finally feel like I have some time.  Time to finally get back into the swing of things properly and it feels great.

I know personally I’m the type that likes to keep busy but I definitely love my me time.  A few hours every week to just sit back and relax is a must for me.  I hope to keep a better balance of that this year.   Slow it down, to get ahead.

Furnishing my condo would be also be great so hopefully I can get that all sorted by the end of the year so it’ll feel like a cozy place to live.

Nothing lasts forever the saying goes, and the reunion didn’t last long.  My GF got a job out of town and will be moving again.  This time only 2 hours away by ferry which isn’t too bad.  Good thing is I’ll be able to discover a new city again so that’s a bonus!  Hello Langford, B.C.



So much for 2017.  It was a good year but now upwards and onward to 2018.  I’m grateful for all the experiences, the good, bad and unexpected.

I’ve read a few of y’alls years in reviews for 2017, some had great years and other’s tough ones.   Not matter what type of year you had, one things for sure is that I’m excited to head into 2018 with high hopes and well wishes for a great year not only myself, but for all of you as well.

Here’s to a year filled with lot’s of love, success, and growth.   All the best in the year to come!  Thanks for reading.



Now that 2017 is over, what was your favorite memory for the year?  I know everyone has some new goals for 2018, let me know what’s the one thing you really want to accomplish in the comments below and lets see if we can’t help you along your way somehow 🙂



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  1. That was a nice past vs. future post.
    I thought I was the only one struggling to keep up with social media accounts and blogging. I have no idea how people are so active on ALL of them. But then again, I refuse to have these apps on my phone and have all the notifications come in in real time. It would drive me insane. Or maybe it’s my full time job…
    Anyway, good luck with 2018!

    • Phew glad its not just me 🙂 Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts. Good luck to you as well!

  2. It’s so hard trying to juggle blogging with social-media. I have been trying to put more effort into connecting with others and it is paying off. And I don’t blame you for changing your mind on ‘niche’ blogs. It’s so hard trying to grow and control one blog let alone a couple.
    This is a great concept and I think you’ve done well with your goals. There’s always room for progress and I wish this year you progress to your goals. 🙂

    • One is definitely more than enough 😁 Always room for progress indeed thanks and I hope you reach your goals this year as well. Thanks for stopping by Laura always appreciate the feedback and support. ✌️

  3. My goals for this year are definitely to try to save some more money and hopefully get an entry level accounting job part time. Also, congrats for getting the new position, how exciting! I love to be able to read about your experience as a fellow accountant hahahaha! Actually, on that note I would love to read more about how you balance work/life, especially during busy seasons and times as such! 🙂
    Overall it seems like you had a good year and I’m glad! Also, new city to explore, how exciting!!! Looking forward to reading more soon!

    • Saving money is tough, slow and steady 🙂 Good luck with the job hunt, you’ll learn a lot from your first accounting job. One thing I can tell you is you’ll need to see what kind of accounting you like, public practice, tax, management, financial are all. very different. You’ll learn what you like and don’t like quick though. If you ever want to know more feel free to shoot me a msg more than happy to help if can. Thanks it was good! Thx for reading I look forward to more as well!

  4. This was such a good way to do a “new year” post! I wish I had thought of it. I enjoyed reading about where you are at vs. where you wish you were or aim to be this year.

    Also – WHEN you submit your books to publication, let me know !!!! 🙂

    • Haha I always read blog posts and think man I wish I thought of that. Thanks 😁 Will do! I better get to writing then 😌

  5. That was an interesting read…reminiscing . Really liked your style of writing ,candid and engaging. I relate to blogging and social media juggle. looking forward to more of your writings.

    • Thank you for reading and I appreciate the feedback. Look forward to reading more of yours as well!

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