Hello internet friends and any wanderers who manage to find their way my little blog!  I haven’t had much time to do any writing lately so I’m grateful for the chance to get this post out.  It’s a little over due but as they say better later never!

My fellow blogging friend Abbie at  What Abbie Says  recently nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.  So first things first.  Thank you!! I’m very grateful that you thought of my blog.

For those of you reading if you’re a fellow blogger or foodie don’t forget to check out her blog too!  Her blog has lots of great stuff from her experiences at food spots such as The Oven,  recipes like her sticky toffee pudding and much much more.   She’s a versatile blogger in every sense of the word and an overall super cool person.  Don’t take my word for it though, check her site out and see!



So what is The Versatile Blogger Award anyways?  I really had no idea what it was until I read about it, but it’s pretty simple.  If you’re nominated for the award you’re to thank the person that nominated you, link their blog in your post, nominate 15 other bloggers to take part and share 7 facts about yourself in the blog post.

I think its a pretty cool concept.  It really is just a great way to show some love and support for fellow bloggers in the blogging community.  I think anything done to spread some good vibes and get people connected is a good thing.  You might find some great blogs you haven’t come across yet too!  Guess that’s about all you need to know so here we go:



  1.  My favorite type of food is Japanese food.  As a foodie, I love all types of food but if I had to pick one type of food to eat for the rest of my life I’d definitely pick Japanese cusine.  There’s just so much variety that it’s always interesting.  It can be simple yet so tasty, like a piece of sashimi.  From sushi, to their curries, noodles and pastries.  I love it all.  Definitely my favorite type of food!
  2. I have an Excel spread sheet for almost everything.  Blog post planner?  Spreadsheet.  Party planning?  Spreadsheet.  Finances?  Spreadsheet.  Travel plan?  Spreadsheet.  You get the idea.  Excel Spreadsheets are life.
  3. As a young kid I was pretty energetic, always moving around and could never sit still.  I was running around a parking lot one night as my parents and I we’re going to dinner.  They told me to stop but  I didn’t listen and I ended up running into a metal wire that was strung between two poles.  Cut my lower lip wide open, blood everywhere.  Still have the scar for reminder.  Lesson:  Running around in the dark is never a good idea.
  4. Crossing things off my to-do list makes me happy.  Probably a little too much.
  5. Being on airplanes is probably one of my least favorite things.  I’ve gotten a lot better, but if I didn’t have to fly to get places I probably wouldn’t.  Watching movies get’s me through most of my flights.  I just think of any turbulence as added special effects to watching the movie.
  6. One of my favorite past times is watching movies.  I love all different types of movies.  One of my all time favorites has to be The Princess Bride.
  7. If I had to choose between money and fame I’d choose money.  I’m not much for attention so fame would drive me mad.  Money on the other hand….well, who couldn’t do with a little bit more money, am I right? 😛

Guess that’s it for me!  Now then..



If you’ve already been nominated previously and have done this please don’t feel the need to do it again.  Also, if these things aren’t your thing , please don’t feel the need to do it either.  I won’t get offended, I promise.

However, if this is something you might feel like doing please do!  I look forward to reading some interesting facts about you guys and gals.  If you’re reading this be sure to check out the blogs of the people nominated.  I read all their blogs.  You might find some you enjoy as well.



Kristin @ Mindful in Style

Lisa @ Expand Your Mindset

Maria @ Dr. Maria Katsarou

Vince @ Vince Shifflet

Joy @ Mademoiselle O’ Lantern

Southern Georgia Bunny

Mind Over Meta

Sanjay @ The Polymath Ideal

The Bryntin Project 

James @ The Average Millennials

Alice Wake Up

Prei @ Precious Encounter

Corinne @ Broke Today Rich Tomorrow 

Just A Girl 

Theresa @ T.S Bazelli


That about wraps up this post.  Hope you we’re able to learn a few new things about me but most of all hope you found some cool new blogs to read.  Till next time!



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  1. OMG thank you for the nomination you! I can’t believe someone actually nominated me hahaha. Fun fact: Japanese food is also my all time favourite. I could eat it every day and night… yep, I’d be more than happy to live on Sushi, Ramen and Gyoza for the rest of my life. Also, I too do a to-do list almost everyday – it helps me stay calm and work my up through tasks. Thank you for sharing this with us and again for nominating me. <3

    • Np your welcome! I like your blog and think there’s lots of good advice on it☺ A fellow Japanese food lover and to do lister haha We have a fee things in common no wonder I was drawn to your blog. 😆

  2. omggggg! Thanks for the nominationnnn! it‘s unbelievable haha since i pnly have 3 posts at the moment but would definitely continue. i have been busy 🙂 i appreciate it but u truly deserve the award 🙂 thumbs up!

  3. omggggg! Thanks for the nominationnnn! it‘s unbelievable haha since i pnly have 3 posts at the moment but would definitely continue. i have been busy 🙂 i appreciate it but u truly deserve the award 🙂 thumbs up!

  4. This is awesome!! Im humbled by the nomination and look forward to reading your posts and nominating more people!

    • Awesome have fun with the nominations and i look forward to reading more of yours as well! 👍👍

  5. Great post Paolo! You are also a very super cool person, thank you so much for the kind words you wrote about me and my blog! I love how organised you are I wish I was that good! And I totally feel ya about the travelling thing, I think we’ve spoken about that before actually! I want to see the world but air travel makes me feel so sick! Great post as always 🙂

    • Wouldn’t have made it if you never nominated me so thank you!! Haha we all have our methods to get things done I’m sure do ok 😉 Yup I remember you can relate! Thanks again!

  6. hi…im a new blogger…wuld love it if you can check my blog out and inform any of ur friends abt it too…….
    my blog is melancholynotesblog.wordpress.com

    • Hey! Followed and checked out your blog, looks good so far. I don’t think your social ids are linked. If you have twitter we can connect on there and I’d be more than happy share a post or two on there. Thanks for stopping bye!

  7. Congratulations on the nomination. I love these awards. Really brings bloggers together and supporting others! Well done. Look forward to reading more of your content xx

    • They are a great way to show support for sure. Thanks you for the kind words, I look forward to reading more of yours as well!

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