Seems like every other movie coming out these days is a superhero movie.  It’s hard to get excited for some of these movies after a while.  Every now and then there is a superhero movie that stands out from the pack.  When Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.1 came out, it was that movie.  Sequels can be hit or miss, Vol.1 took everyone by surprise, but how would it’s highly anticipated sequel stack up?  Here’s my Guardians of The Galaxy vol.2 movie review.

Guardians Galaxy 2 Movie Review


Picks up shortly after Vol.1 left off.  The Guardians having saved the universe are now starting to make a name for themselves.  The movie starts out with them in the middle of a mission to protect the precious batteries of the Sovereign from invaders.  After successfully completing the mission, an untimely act by one of the crew causes the Sovereign to attack them, thus sending the Guardians on the run once again.  The Guardians are forced to crash-land after their plane is badly damaged in the chase, but not after being saved by a man riding a unique egg-shaped spaceship.  In the meantime The Ravengers are experiencing dissension in their ranks as some members are beginning to question Yondus leadership.

That pretty much sets up the story for the rest of the movie.  Everyone is pretty much back and there are some fun new characters introduced as well.  The most notable being baby Groot who is a blast to watch.


The thing that I liked about the Guardians Vol. 1 was that it was a Marvel superhero movie that didn’t feel like a Marvel superhero movie.  Most people weren’t familiar with the characters so everything about it felt new.  The fact that the story took place in a different galaxy also helped make it feel like a sci-fi movie more than a superhero film.  It was also a super entertaining film with an amazing soundtrack to boot.

Right from the beginning of Vol. 2, it was evident that the soundtrack would be a central element of the movie again.  Perfect, no complaints here.  The movie also kept its lighthearted and funny tone and the introduction of new character’s added just enough spice to keep in from feeling stale.


One thing that makes a good movie great is the conflict and villain.  To me the villain in this movie was kind of just… meh.  Neither memorable nor awful, just meh.  The story kind of felt just mediocre as a result.  Like an episode of an ongoing series, instead of a story fit for the big screen.  I would have liked a stronger story-line but other than that there wasn’t too much else to not like about the movie.


Despite the one shortcoming, I still enjoyed the movie a lot.  It kept the same fun spirit of Vol.1 without making it seem tired and old.  A lot of sequels fail where they try to repeat the success of the original but I think Guardians vol.2 did a good job to keep the franchise going strong.  With all the galaxies and characters in the marvel universe, I think that Guardians will be around for a while longer.  It is probably my favorite series in the Marvel lineup currently, just because it feels so different from all the other superhero movies.

Overall Rating – 7/10 – Go see it!

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