There were a few movies this year that I was really looking forward too, Wonder Woman being one of them.  After hearing all the positive reviews for the movie after the opening weekend I was excited to see it but also wondered if it would live up to the hype.

Wonder Woman 2017

A few years ago, relatively unknown actress Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman for the 2016 Batman Vs Superman (BVS) movie and immediately people across the world could be heard crying.  She looks nothing like Wonder Woman! She’s too thin, she’s too pretty, etc. etc.  It was evident early on that Wonder Woman would be a movie that would be highly criticized due to the iconic nature of the character.   I for one was immediately excited from the news as I was a fan of Gal Gadot from her role in Fast and The Furious.

In my opinion Gal Gadots role as Wonder Woman in BVS really stole the show and was probably the highlight of that entire movie.  Not to mention her kick ass theme music. They really hit that one out of the ball park.


The movie itself centers around the origins of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman and starts out shortly after the events of BVS.  Diana receives a letter from Bruce Wayne containing a picture of her and a group of soldiers set in the early 1900’s.  The rest of the movie is basically a flashback to when the photo was taken and the events that surrounded the photo.

Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, a U.S air force officer whose plane crashes on Diana’s secluded island home of Themyscira.  Upon seeing the destruction that lies in “man’s world’ Diana sets on a mission to stop this evil, thus setting the course for the rest of the movie.  The story itself is decent and does what it needs to do.  It is an origin story and does enough to explain why Wonder Woman is the way she is in the present DC universe.


Aside from Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, there’s also a decent supporting ensemble.  Danny Huston does a decent job as the evil captain of the German army.  Robin Wright and Connie Nelson make brief but important appearances as Amazonian warriors.  Lastly the rag tag crew of Steve Trevor with Said Taghmaoui as Sameer and Ewen Bremmer as Charlie helped round out the cast and add some comic relief.  The supporting cast was good but the real stars of the movie are Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.  They have great chemistry and Chris Pine does a great job at portraying the “love” interest in the movie.


There were a lot of questions heading into this movie.  Would director Patty Jenkins be able to deliver?  Was Gal Gadot the right choice for the role? Would a superhero movie with a WomanlLead be successful?  Will Wonder Woman be too sexy?

After watching the movie I think all those doubts, questions and concerns were for not.  For her first big screen blockbuster Patty Jenkins did a great job.  She has a good ability to focus on characters so we really got to see what Wonder Woman was about in this film.  There were a bit too many unnecessary slow-mo moments in my opinion but that’s just me.  Gal Gadot I think by now has turned most of the doubters into believers.  She looked the part and finished filming while being 5 months pregnant.  That alone is Wonder Woman esq.  The movie also made a lot of headway in terms of female perception and stereotypes.

All in all the movie was a fun, summer blockbuster.  There were some big cheese moments but it helped keep the movie fun, something a lot of other DC movies failed to do.  Let’s hope the coming Justice League movie keeps that momentum going.  DC is still lagging behind Marvel in terms of movies, but Wonder Woman is definitely a step in the right direction.

Overall Rating – 8/10 – Go see it!


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