Found myself losing weight slightly over the past month although I’ve tried to actually go on a food plan that’s just above my maintenance.  Aim is to get in 2700 cals daily at 150p/80f/330c for macros.  Weighed in at an average of 177 lbs for November which is the lowest I’ve been in 2 years.  I’ll attribute the unintentional weight loss to playing basketball 2x a week on top of hitting the weights 3x a week.

I think this month I’ll see a slight increase in weight since I won’t be playing basketball and well, it is the holiday season.  The lighter weight feels goods for what I need right now and I really prefer the leaner look.  Designed my workouts to be every other day with 2 days of HIT cardio try and keep my cardio up through the break with workouts as follows:

Workout A:

1.BB Bench press 3×4-6 reps, rest pause set at 60% 1RM x2 after last set
2.BB Military press 5×6-10 reps
3.Triceps Dip 5×6-10 reps
3.EZ BB Curls 5×8-12 reps
4.DB External Rotations 2×10-12 reps
5.1 Arm DB Laterals 1×8-12 using rest pause x 4

Workout B:

1.BB Hang Clean 3×4 reps
2.BB Squat 3×5/3/1 reps with first set last for max reps.
3.Chin Ups 3-5×3 reps
4.DB Rows 4×8-12 reps
5.DB Shrugs 4×8-12 reps using 1 and 1/2 reps

Workout C:

1.BB Military Press 3×4-6 reps, rest pause set at 60% 1RM x2 after last set
2.BB Incline Press 5×8-10 reps
2.50 Pull-ups in as little sets as possible
3.DB Bench Press 4×8-12 reps using 1 and 1/2 reps
4.DB Decline Skull Crushers 5×8-12 reps
4.DB Preacher Curls on Bench 5×8-12 reps

Workout D:

1.BB Deadlift 3×5/3/1 with first set last for max reps.
2.DB Lunges 3×8-10 reps
3.Chin Ups 3-5×3 reps, drop weight by 50% after last set and go for max reps, drop weight again to body weight and go for max reps
4.DB Rows 4×8-12 reps
5.DB Shrugs 4×8-12 reps using 1 and 1/2 reps

Workouts will be every other day so weight training will be 3-4 times weekly.  Still trying to increase the weekly volume to see what training volume works best for me.  I don’t mind the higher volume, feels good for now except at 3x a week split workouts are lasting a little over an hour which is a bit long.  4x split would work better but doesn’t fit ideally with basketball 2x a week as well.  3x a week split works great for basketball, enough to make gains without feeling too beat up.  Focusing on aesthetics a little bit more as well for a change of pace.

PSB - Wellness - Training Journal - Finish Strong

Been a good year of training and pretty happy with the ups and downs and progress.  Good year all around.  I’m excited to start planning next years fitness goals but before that still have a few week left in this year so going to squeeze out the most of this year and make the most of the last few weeks and close the year out strong.  Start strong, finish stronger.

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