Lately feels like I’ve been having a hard time finding the time to get things done, maybe I’m trying to do too much, or maybe I’ve just been lazy.  Probably a little bit of both.  It’s okay to be lazy though sometimes, isn’t it?

Sometimes having too many things to do can lead to procrastination.  Just the mere thought of all the things you have to get done can weigh you down.

Want to know what my super easy solution to get back on track is?


Yep, that’s it.  I think that’s actually why things haven’t been getting done as much as I’d like lately.  I’ve been forgetting to keep up with my little list.

PSB - Focus

It seems so simple but it really is a super effective tool to keep progress going.  Just write down what you want to get down.  Order the list from the most important to the least, and cross out the items as you complete them.  Any items on the list that aren’t crossed off just carry them over to the next week.

For me making a list helps keep me focused.  There is something rewarding about crossing off things on a to-do list as it signifies progress.  Being able to see progress, no matter how big or small helps build momentum.  Sometimes when trying to get things done a little momentum can go a long way.  The task itself may not be large but doing the little things daily is really what leads to huge progress over time.

Now, time to focus!  Write a blog post for this week. Check.

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  1. Bryan Yumang Reply

    Great reminder of doing the little things to get the ball rolling towards the big things. I definitely need to start making lists! Good read!

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